Smile Design

What is meant by smile design?

Dr. Heydari believes that each and every patient deserves to be educated on having the most attractive smile. A beautiful smile can change a person’s experience in life and perspective of life altogether. Today’s advances in dentistry allow us to provide a beautiful smile if desired by our patients. We are moving away from old fillings as dental materials used to restore teeth are more like enamel and so they give a radiant beautiful smile. Before attending dental school, Dr. Heydari went to art school. He feels that this helps him quite a bit in any smile design or smile makeover case.

Porcelain / Ceramic Veneers

The least conservative way of changing the appearance of teeth is do to veneers. A veneer is ceramic or porcelain material that goes only on the part of the tooth that appears when we open our mouth or smile or speak. The back of the tooth which is not visible…

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Teeth Whitening

It may be that you have no cavities and are happy with your smile but you just wish that the teeth were whiter in appearance. With all the coffee, red wine, and other stained foods, our teeth are constantly getting darker with age…

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Tooth Colored Fillings

Instead of using the old metal fillings materials that may not be attractive, in modern dentistry we have the option of using a type of material that looks very similar in appearance and function to the natural tooth. After the cavity has been removed, Dr. Heydari could place a tooth…

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