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“I broke my denture. Can you repair it?”

Yes. In most cases we could repair a broken denture. However there is always a reason why a denture breaks. Usually it’s because it is an old denture and the teeth are worn away. The average age of a denture is between 5 to 10 years. It also has to do with the original materials used in making the denture.

“I have a broken tooth. What are my options?”

We would need to do an intraoral exam and an X-ray to determine what needs to be done. In many cases a broken tooth needs a crown. If it is a small chip not involving a cusp it may be possible to do a filling, but Dr. Heydari will need to do an exam and will suggest the best way to go about fixing the broken tooth.

“I need a checkup and a cleaning. Are you accepting new patients?”

Absolutely. As the Villages expands, we are seeing more and more new residents move to the area. Our goal is to provide excellent oral care for all existing as well as new patients.

“I want a second opinion about my teeth. Can I come in for a second opinion?”

Of course you can. Dr. Heydari would be happy to examine your particular situation and provide you with his expert advice. If you have any X-rays that were recently taken, please forward them to our office.

“I have a toothache. Do you take emergencies?”

An established patient of this office always has priorities for all emergency appointments but as we want to serve the community we do have certain times everyday for emergencies around patients that are already appointed for that day.

“My crown fell out. Can you recement it?”

Dr. Heydari will need to examine your tooth and determine if the crown could be recemented. If it is we would be happy to recement it for you. If other treatment is needed we would discuss that with you at the time of service.

“I bit on a piece of bread and the bottom tooth completely fell out. What do you think is the problem.”

After a thorough exam and a full set of X-rays, Dr. Heydari could determine what may have caused your tooth to fall out. Periodontal disease is a common issue which leads to bone loss and in severe cases a tooth may come out in its entirety while biting into anything hard.

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