Dental Implants

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Actual Patient

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental Implant is the best solution for a missing tooth. In the past, when a patient was missing a tooth we would do a bridge or a partial denture to fill the space caused by the missing tooth. With the relatively new technique of dental Implants we are now able to replace the missing tooth in a way that it feels like the natural tooth used to be.

Dental implants replace the root structure of the tooth. After a dental implant has integrated into the jawbone, a crown is put on top of and into the implant.

Dental implants are made from high grade titanium which has been shown to be over 99% successful. So it is the most successful dental procedure being done by any dentist.

Can Dental Implants be used to secure a denture?

Yes. There are several applications of a dental implant. One application would be to secure a loose or an ill fitting denture. For an edentulous patient, Dr. Heydari normally recommends three implants and for the upper arch he recommends four implants to secure the dentures. The dentures snap onto the implants but are still removable by the patient.

What is a hybrid denture?

A hybrid denture is a denture that is secured to the implants and the patient cannot remove them. Again this is for a patient that is missing all their teeth in an arch. In this situation, we would do 5 or 6 implants in an arch and secure the denture to the implants. This is a long term solution and only the dentist can remove the denture from the mouth. For an edentulous patient, this is the closest thing to having the natuaral teeth back.

What makes your office different from other offices for an implant?

Dr. Heydari does all his implants using cone beam CT scan. This insures that the implants are in the exact area of the bone intended. The cone beam scan tells us where all vital structures of the mouth are so we stay away from any important structures yet put a solid implant in place. Dr. Heydari evaluates each and every cone beam scan and picks the correct size implant for every unique situtation.

Actual Patient
Actual Patient

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