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When tooth decay causes a cavity to form in one of your teeth, Aesthetic Dental is here to provide dental fillings to treat the problem. Of course, we are focused on helping you to prevent the effects of tooth decay entirely. A big part of that starts with your attention to brushing and flossing at home along with a healthful diet that limits the amount of sugary snacks and drinks you consume. A twice yearly visit to our The Villages restorative dentist, Dr. Majid Heydari, to get a dental exam that includes x-rays and a thorough dental cleaning is also vital to prevention. When you do need a dental filling, however, there are several options available to suit specific needs and keep your tooth strong and healthy moving forward.

Dental Restorations The Villages

Dental Restorations The Villages

Amalgam fillings, made of metals such as silver, are often the best to use on your back teeth. This is because your back teeth take the majority of the force from chewing and the strongest filling material possible is recommended to meet that need. Yes, amalgams do not match the color of your teeth, but this should not be a big concern since your back teeth are not visible. By contrast, composite fillings, also called composite resins, have the advantage of being tooth-colored. They are excellent choices for your front teeth. They are safe, effective, and plenty strong enough for front teeth that don’t take the same chewing force as their counterparts in the back of your mouth. Also, composite fillings bond very well to your teeth compared with amalgam fillings. This means that our The Villages restorative dentist will have to do less drilling and you will not lose as much of your natural tooth material in the process of receiving a filling. And let’s be honest, who complains about less drilling?

Ceramic fillings, usually made of porcelain, are also a good choice for front teeth. They also match your tooth color just like composites. In addition, they are stain resistant, so if you drink coffee, tea, or red wine or if you use tobacco, ceramic fillings from our The Villages restorative dentist may be just the thing for you.

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