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Having missing teeth can cause quite a lot stress. Not just on yourself and your smile, but on your bite as well. Here at Aesthetic Dental, our resident Villages dentist Dr. Majeed Heydari, DDS, is here to address any and all of your cosmetic and dental needs. Replacing missing teeth will not only restore your overall appearance but will also help restore full function to your bite.

Dental Restoration Villages

Dental Restoration Villages

There are several methods used by our dentist, Dr. Heydari, here at Aesthetic Dental to replace missing teeth. The method chosen to suit your specific situation will be determined upon your initial visit here with our Villages dentist. During this preliminary exam, Dr. Heydari will determine your oral health baseline, check for any underlying conditions or the presence of periodontal disease, screen your mouth for any signs of oral cancer, and will thoroughly examine your occlusion (your bite) as well as your teeth and their supporting structures. All of the information gathered during this exam will help inform Dr. Heydari which route of tooth replacement will work best for you.

If you are only missing few teeth and your remaining teeth are healthy and strong, then dental bridges may be your best option. Dental bridges are appliances that can be either fixed or removable. Fixed dental bridges provide a more natural feeling to your bite, providing a firmer foundation for your replacement teeth. These fixtures can be composed of metal, gold, porcelain fused to metal, porcelain or a composite resin. All of these options are available and the composition of your dental bridge is entirely up to you. Your dental bridge will be crafted here at Aesthetic Dental and will be made to fit your mouth specifically. The artificial teeth will also be designed to match your permanent teeth, resulting in a seamless, natural looking smile.

If you are feeling self-conscious about your smile and are worried about the state of your dental health due to missing teeth, then make an appointment with Dr. Heydari, our Villages dentist, here at Aesthetic Dental today. Restore full function to your teeth while also restoring your smile.

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